News about Ammono

Ammono, the manufacturer of  high-quality GaN substrates by ammonothermal method is pleased to announce, that researches from School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Cornell University (USA) realized N-polar GaN p-n diodes on monocrystalline Ammono-GaN substrates using plasma-assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy (PA-MBE) technique.

AMMONO had the honour to host Professor Shuji Nakamura, Nobel Laureate in Physics for the invention of blue LEDs based on III-nitride materials and a Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Warsaw in our company today.

Syndyk AMMONO SA w upadłości likwidacyjnej (sygn. akt X GUp 318/15) zaprasza do składania pisemnych ofert na zakup przedsiębiorstwa AMMONO SA w upadłości likwidacyjnej z siedzibą w Warszawie

The court-appointed liquidator of Ammono S.A. w upadłości likwidacyjnej, an insolvent company in liquidation (proceedings no. X GUp 318/15), hereby invites interested offerors to submit written proposals for the purchase of the business of AMMONO S.A. w upadłości likwidacyjnej with its registered office in Warsaw.