GaN-based electronic components for use in space-bound equipment must be validated according to very stricked norms. One of such tests is exposure to radiation and thermal cycling of GaN devices performed under strictly defined conditions. In this respect, AMMONO S.A., the manufacturer of high quality gallium nitride by ammonothermal method, has begun the cooperation with National Centre of Nuclear Research (NCBJ) in Świerk, Poland. In frame of this collaboration, the n-type Ammono-GaN substrates were irradiated by γ and thermal neutron radiation. The total dose used was about 120 kGy in case of γ rays of 1 MeV energy, while total flux of neutrons was 108 cm-2/s exposed for 6h50’. Preliminary results show, that no deterioration of substrate quality, in terms of structural (XRD rocking curves width, radius of curvature, low dislocation density) were visible and electrical properties remained unchanged.

As no significant degradation was observed in any of the tests performed in this study we are convinced, that this is a very good forecast for successful use of Ammono-GaN substrates in a wide variety of space-based applications.

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