Scientists from Ammono and Institute of High Pressure Physics Polish Academy of Sciences (UNIPRESS) have recently shown, that the hybrid ammonothermal-HVPE process was successfully tested as a powerful method of faster and cheaper method of GaN seeds multiplication without deterioration of crystal quality (more here).

In recently published paper (Journal of Crystal Growth 427, 1-6, 2015) we finally validate this approach by carrying the ammonothermal growth on HVPE seeds prepared with the use of ammonothermal GaN crystals and present more detailed results. Large radius of curvature (>100 m) and low dislocation density (7×104 cm-2) can be reproduced. This proves that the use of HVPE-GaN grown on ammonothermal seeds allows to reproduce high crystallinity in a subsequent ammonothermal growth. It also demonstrates that a much more effective multiplication process of high quality GaN can be launched using a combination of the ammonothermal and HVPE methods. Detailed results were also presented during International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors, held in Beijing, China (30.08-04.09.2015).

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