Polish company AMMONO S. A., a worldwide leader in manufacturing of very low dislocation ammonothermal bulk gallium nitride wafers, has won a public bid for the supply of gallium nitride wafers. The bid was organized by High Pressure Physics (Unipress) of Polish Academy of Science in Warsaw, Poland in frame of the TEAM-TECH program financed by Foundation for Polish Science. The selected supplier must guarantee delivery date, lowest price and offer products of top quality.

The contract amounting to 40,000 EUR was signed by both parties on March 8th, 2017.

The research project lead by Institute of High Pressure Physics of Polish Academy of Science is an innovative conception based on the unique construction of the p-n tunnel junction optoelectronic devices based on gallium nitride, which may result in better performance of devices such as multicolour LEDs, vertical laser diodes, high power laser diode arrays, efficient solar cells or vertical n-p-n transistors. Scientific results obtained in the Project will be commercialized in Polish company TopGaN.