AMMONO is the world leader in truly bulk Gallium Nitride (GaN) manufacturing.

Technology development started in 1992 and led to the creation of best in class products characterized by a perfect crystalline quality.

Technological breakthroughs in ammonother- mal technology result today in the production of up to 2-inch diameter high quality bulk C-plane GaN substrates as well as non-polar M-plane, A-plane and semi-polar GaN wafers. Those products are in the focus of Light Emitting Diodes, optoelectronics devices such as green and blue lasers and High Electron Mobility Transistors.


We introduced the possibility of online inquiries about the price and the availability of AMMONO-GaN substrates.

In order to get a quotation you can choose between our standard products that we have on stock or make an inquiry about your preferred specification.

Our gallium nitride substrates are cut from truly bulk crystals. In order to get a quotation it is necessary to define the requested substrate material, its orientation, size, thickness and desired polishing of its surface.