News about Ammono

Followed by the last year achievement of High Electron Mobility Transistor on highly resistive Ammono-GaN substrate, the PolHEMT project was accomplished by successful development of HEMT transistors characterized by their operating frequency exceeding 20 GHz

Ammono was invited to give a talk at an XVIII International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy (ICCGE), held in 7-12th of August in Nagoya, Japan. This is the largest event gathering the crystal growth community from all over the world

Ammono was invited to give a talk at the Advanced Power Semiconductors Workshop organized by the Japanese Association of Applied Physics in Kobe prefecture, Japan (21st of July 2016). Ammono was the only attendee outside Japan

Ammono, the manufacturer of high quality bulk GaN, announces achievement of two types of semi-insulating material.