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Syndyk AMMONO SA w upadłości likwidacyjnej (sygn. akt X GUp 318/15) zaprasza do składania pisemnych ofert na zakup przedsiębiorstwa AMMONO SA w upadłości likwidacyjnej z siedzibą w Warszawie

The court-appointed liquidator of Ammono S.A. w upadłości likwidacyjnej, an insolvent company in liquidation (proceedings no. X GUp 318/15), hereby invites interested offerors to submit written proposals for the purchase of the business of AMMONO S.A. w upadłości likwidacyjnej with its registered office in Warsaw.

Investigation on radiation damages in GaN-based materials is an important factor in possible application of GaN as particle detectors in harsh radiation environment in any particle acceleration facilities like Large Hadron Collider...

Polish company AMMONO S. A., a worldwide leader in manufacturing of very low dislocation ammonothermal bulk gallium nitride wafers, has won a public bid for the supply of gallium nitride wafers.